January 2003

It was Sammy Morris and Feather's turn to taste freedom after a spell of sickness and weak from hunger, they returned back to the wild ready for life once again.

First out of the box was Feather with a sparkle in her eye she raced to the sea not once looking back! She headed in a straight line all the way out to sea from the box not once stopping (maybe she didn't like the food?)

Next was the bully of the year Sammy Morris, Morris liked Morris, and no one else! Mind you Morris did come in with a nasty bite on his side and still carry's the scar. Nobody was allowed come in his space, human, seal, or even bird! The grumpiest seal to date. Morris took his time getting out of the box and spent sometime giving out to the eight of us standing around watching him. Sophie Lawlor and her 2 girls,Lucy & Bernice who had found Sammy Morris on the beautiful sandy stretch that is Morriscastle Beach some 10 weeks previously and could not believe how big Sammy Morris had grown!

In no real hurry he sniffed at the waves gentle washing the shore, stuck his huge head into one wave came back away from it, and looked around again. At this time Feather was all but out of sight barely able to make her out against the horizon, still going in a straight line! Morris assessed a couple of waves breaking over a sandbar, and moved a bit more down the beach, looked once more around and went for it. Pulling with all his might he plunged head long into a wave then with the hind flippers powered into it and soon was off exploring! He surfed a couple of waves riding them with his chest and then ducked under the waves coming up a few times and going under again only to appear somewhere else. It was great to see them enjoying themselves, after such a rough start in life. Now as you read this they are out there (somewhere) living life to the full! Exploring. A second chance.

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