Sunday 22nd April 2001

2.45pm and the sun is shining brightly across Howth harbour to Ireland's Eye. A glorious afternoon and a big crowd have turned up for yet another seal release back to the Irish Sea by the Irish Seal Sanctuary.

To date, the Sanctuary has released back almost 200 seals back to the wild, not to mention all the other animals, from jackdaws to tigers, that have crossed the threshold of the Price family home in Garristown, North Co. Dublin.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary was set up 15 years ago as a voluntary response to the needs of wildlife in distress and today sees the fruits of their labour in this the most recent release.

"Peadar" rescued, by local shopkeeper, John Cooke, was nursed back to health by the Sanctuary and it was now time for the release. As in keeping with the ethos of the Sanctuary, Peadar was brought back to Howth and John was asked to officially open the box to release the seal across the rocky seashore and back to the sea. Approx. 1,000 (thanks to the efforts of Derek Mooney, RTE) turned up to watch the release in perfect conditions and all left for home totally satisfied.

After the release, it was back to John's shop, "Anne's", to sample the Ice-cream cones that he has become famous for.

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Go, swim and be free !

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