Bran, a male Grey Seal was rescued by the Organization on New Year's Day and with us for almost 6 months. He was released on June 27th from Dublin Bay, with a satellite tag attached (courtesy of StenaLine).

He headed south for the first few days, before turning north again, passing Dublin, heading up to Strangford Lough, Belfast Lough,

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Larne, fair head, before heading over to the Mull of Kintyre and up along the west coast of Scotland up as far as Colonsay Island until the 11th July from where we have received no feedback.

Its a mystery to us what happened, but we feel that the problem lies with the tag and not the seal. We believe that it may have fallen off the animal. Bran was doing particularly well in the days prior to the 11th. He was travelling approx. 50 miles per day and his dives were down to 130 metres and dive time over 16 minutes.

As regards repeating the experiment, yes we would love too. However, money is the problem. It costs approx. Ј5,000. If a sponsor is willing to provide the cash, we would love to do it again.

Keep an eye out for Bran. Everyone along our east coast and west coast of Scotland is.

We would dearly love to repeat this type of experiment again.

Hopefully we will be able to.


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