Seal Release at Travelahawk, Co Wicklow, 22nd December 2002

We loaded up the seals at Our Organization and headed towards Wicklow. Feisty holding true to his name didn't want anybody around his box!! While Gordon our first Grey Seal of the season (a little white coat when he first came in) now weighed in at a fine figure of 42kgs!

We arrived in Wicklow ahead of time checked the seals over and retired for a nice cup of tea! At 1 o'clock we made our way to the beach, where a crowd of about 200 had built up (not bad with Christmas looming).

It was decided that Gordon should be first out of the box as he would be a bit slower (all the extra weight). He was released by Gordon Hunter, the man who had found him. In traditional Organization style, he was also named after his owner, Flash Gordon.

Gordon (the seal) looked around before deciding to come out of the box and then made a leisurely hop towards the sea, stopping half way. This time it was Feisty's turn (to show Gordon what the water is for) Mario opened the box and Feisty was OFF like a grey hound with a hiss to either side he made his way towards Gordon stopped briefly, then made straight for the water.

The weather was perfect, not to calm and not to rough. Feisty was jumping in and out of the waves like seal learning about freedom. It was a whole new world opening up for him with new experiences like seaweed, rocks, waves, saltwater, not to mention all the other types of animals he'd have to get to know.

Watching all this with the crowd was Gordon. At this point he decided to get in on the act. With a couple of pulls from his great fore flippers he took the plunge and it wasn't long before he was chest high in water. Now both Gordon and Feisty are back where they belong.

Many thanks to all who came to share this great moment with us and thanks to those who helped, including Tracey, Mario and Lisa and of course Kevin.

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