You Can Help Stop The Killing

Every person can do something about stopping the hunt if they want to. With the exception of actually going to the ice and being involved in some form of direct action protesting, (difficult or impossible for most of us to do), the most effective things the average person can do to make a difference are listed on this page.

Desire and procrastination are the only things standing in your way of doing something really worthwhile with your time: becoming a bonafide seal-kill opponent!

Writing your opinion and sending it to the proper people in positions of power makes a difference! In this internet age we live in, emails seem to be the easiest and most popular format to do this, but we also encourage you to write letters the old fashioned way too. (Some say that one real letter is equal to around 3 emails or more). No matter what format you choose, the more the better!

Tips on letter composition (communicating your point for the most effect):
When writing letters, there are some time tested and activist proven strategies for effectiveness and keep in mind the relevant facts.

Depending on the individual you are trying to contact, making a phone call direct to them can be a very powerful form of activism. Although it would be very rare to actually have your target individual answer the line, it's not unheard of. All politicians and people in positions of power have secretaries and middlemen who will intercept you, but that's ok. (By making a call, you are tyeing up their phone lines during key business hours and this WILL have an effect on them.)

When you reach the cut off person, it's best to try and remain professional and follow the same line of logical communication points that you would use in writing letters or emailing. (see notes above) Don't let your passions get the best of you and swear at somebody or yell at them... This usually has the effect of having them hang up on you. Also, when on the phone with a secretary, you can doublecheck the target person's fax number and email for accuracy. If the individual or company has ANY kind of integrity, they will most likely give you accurate information, which you can then pander out to other activists...
As for faxes, the same logic and strategies for making your point in a phone call, letter, or email follow, of course, but with faxes you are using (wasting) their paper as well as tyeing up their line, and this is a good thing.

Whatever method of communicating your point to the targeted individuals or companies involved, the more you do, the better. Individual actions do make a difference.

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