Bran was rescued early in the New Year in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Two fishermen fishing off the back pier noticed this object pass by and haul outof the water. On closer observation it turned out to be a young seal in some distress. They got in touch with us and waited till we arrived to show the location of the animal. Bran has been slow to recover and has been released on the 27th June 1999. Bran is missing...
(c) 1999, Wildireland


(c) 1999, Wildireland
Summary of Bran's Release
What better gift to give to any one or any creature than the gift of life. And this is what we saw on Sunday last on the Bull Island in Dublin when Bran finally set off after 6 months of rehabilitation at our organization.

Whale Net
Is a group of the New England Aquarium in Boston/USA who are providing the satellite data.

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